Private cloud datastore SFTP

The datastore on the private cloud is where the hard drives are located at. This area stores all the data for your infrastructure, it contains the VMDK files and other uploaded files which you have submitted.

If you have existing files to migrate over to the private cloud, you can look to upload them one by one when you browse through the datastore. In the event where by you have many files from many directories, you can upload directly to the datastore via the SFTP connection.

In your typical FileZilla FTP client, you would enter the details of:

Username admin
Password **********
Port 22

You would choose the datastore for you to upload your files to, the datastores are normally named as pcc-12345. At this stage it would be a normal FileZilla transfer for the files to be transferred to your datastore.

To see your files in the datastore itself, the files are uploaded to a folder called “upload-vpn”. At this location you can view the files which you have uploaded.