Private cloud host update

Over time, there will be updates available for the host. These updates can be feature changes and critical security updates, the information is published on the VMware security advisory page at:

You can perform a check of the host to see if it has the latest patches and upgrades applied to the host itself. This is done by selecting the update manager tab of the host itself.

We can see that our host of requires some updates to be performed. We can also perform a scan of the host if needed to see if there is any even newer updates are available.

To perform these updates, we need to put the host itself into maintenance mode. During this mode, the host will be available however it wouldn’t be able to hold any VM. Any active VM would need to be moved to another host for to be updated.

We can click on the patch details so see what updates has been pending to be updated. It would show updates which has been applied and updates which are needed.

To apply the updates and patches, we need to select the host itself and choose Remediate.

For the baseline on the right hand side, we would select all patches to be applied.

Depending on your existing configuration of the private cloud, you may need to select the option of Disable High Availabilty admission control if it is enabled for any of the selected clusters.

The Remediate entity process will start to activate, this will patch the host with the latest updates. Depending the number of patches needed for the update, it can take some time for the host to be available again.

Once all the updates has been applied, we can see that our host is now compliant.