Public Cloud glance image

OpenStack Image (Glance) provides the ability to obtain a snapshot of the instance and to download it to a local computer. The image will be an exact copy of the instance on creation, at the same time it also allows the ability to upload the image back to OpenStack to a different project and region.

glance image-list

This will load up all images currently available. If your image isn't available then you need to make a snapshot of the instance so that the image becomes available. 

glance image-download --file backup cd39a119-648d-4ef4-adaa-9b17d4494dcc

The image will be downloaded and the file will be called "backup". The file will be stored on the local computer. 

glance image-create --progress --container-format bare --disk-format qcow2 --name restore --file backup

The image called "backup" will be restored back to the OpenStack. Its new name will be called "restore".

For custom ISO image to be uploaded to the OpenStack environment, you can do this at: public cloud iso upload.