Public Cloud Object Storage

The object storage is used via the public cloud. It enables you to store large volumes of data into a cloud environment. The storage is organised into containers where by each container in essence is similar to a folder where the files are stored.

The first step with object storage is to create the container itself for the files. We will have a choice of datacenters for our containers within the object storage, in our example we will be making use of the SBG datacenter. Once chosen we will be presented with 3 types of containers.


Static hosting container

This type of container is typically used for hosting content for websites. A typical link would be: Here our container is called "mysuperweb" within the container we have the files of "index.html" static_hosting_container To link your domain name directly to the container you will be issued a CNAME record for you to enter to the domain name.

Public Container

A public container would be used for the hosting of public files such as multimedia files. These are content which will be accessible by anyone on the internet. Links to the public container will be seen as:

The pubic container will have the container name as "public" there is a multimedia file called "image.jpg"

Private Container Private containers work in the same way as public containers but the files isn't viewable or accessible via the internet.

The container permissions can be changed easily between public and private via the interface at: