Public Cloud Static Hosting

In OpenStack containers you can create many different container types. Once of them is an static hosting container. This type of container will allow you to host your website on the container itself serving the static content. It is especially useful in serving high volume content. To set this up, we need to define the region. The region is the location where the container will be based at. We will choose GRA3 as our region.

Once we have the region, we need to choose the static hosting container type and give the container a name. in our case we will name our container as This means our container will be called object.

To map our domain name to the container we need to add an CNAME / TXT record. The CNAME record type is preferred.

The record would be:

CNAME/TXT record value =

object = Container name. b06e21b45b47459ba1e6fb3d6947b16 = Project / Tenant ID. gra3 = Region.
You can see for yourself at