Veeam Cloud Connect

Gone are the days where by you would need one server for every single task, these days you can split one big server into many smaller servers called virtual servers. As with all servers, they do need to be backed up on a regular basis to prevent data loss. Backing up can be an very complicated procedure and time consuming, most people don’t like doing it and those who does it prefer not to.

Veeam Cloud Connect is an solution where by it will allow you to backup all your virtual servers automatically. You have the ability to backup it on an schedule on an per server basis. It is very powerful in terms of its functionality and configurations.

One of the first things which you need is an dedicated server with ESXi installed. This can be any ESXi server, naturally you would have a few virtual servers configured on the dedicated ESXi server already and the virtual servers are pingable.

The next part is to locate an service provider, this will be the location where you would link your dedicated server to the backup space provided by the service provider. You can find the full list at:

Now that you have chosen your service provider, they would assign you some credentials to their Veeam cloud connect repositories. The last step is to associate our ESXi dedicated server with our Veeam Cloud connect repository, this will be done via Availability Suite v8 (Windows Application). Even though its an ISO file, consider it as an .exe rather than an VM ISO image. Once inside the application click on “Backup Infrastructure” and then select “Add Service Provider”


At this stage, you would enter the service providers information which they have provided to yourself. Your service provider would of assigned you some backup storage for the Veeam backups, you would now select your virtual server from the left hand menu under “Virtual Machines” once you have chosen your desired virtual server, you can simply right click and create an backup job. This backup job will define how often the backups will take place, by default this is set to 14 backups of the virtual server. As we can see, I have been assigned 500GB from my service provider.


Below here, we can configure the schedule for backup of our VM, we can set an daily backup of our virtual server at an time of our choice. I have chosen an daily backup of 3AM as this is time my virtual machine has very little activity.


We can schedule multiple VM from multiple datacenters to multiple service providers under one application by using the Veeam Cloud Connect software.