Hosting Emails and Exchange

If you have first started your website on the shared hosting package, you would have a number of email accounts already created and in use. Over time, you may wish to move to the Microsoft Exchange service, however the Exchange service may be expensive for all users of the email account, due to this reason you can look to mix and match between the shared hosting package emails with the Microsoft Exchange platform.

The default MX configuration for our domain name under the shared hosting is:

Priority Value

To combine the shared hosting email with the Microsoft Exchange platform, we would need to edit our domains MX records to the following value of:

Priority Value


We would also need to make changes to the Microsoft Exchange configuration itself from Authoritative Mode to Non-autoritative Mode. As the mode is non-authoritative the anti-spam solution no longer applies. In this case it means the email accounts no longer have the Vade Retro system in place for anti-spam.


At this stage we will also need to specify a target mail server, as the mail server is from the shared hosting we will use the MX records of

If you switch the domain to non-authoritative mode, when sending email, we will check at first if the email address is present on the Exchange server, and if this is not the case , it will relay your message to your predefined mail server.

The domain non-autoritative mode can be used if you wish, for example, manage some of your mails on Exchange and another part on an external server.