POP accounts are basic email accounts which allows the use of emails. You can create any email address you wish with the domain name you already have. The POP accounts can be accessed via the web interface, this is also known as webmail. The link would be:


The direct link to the roundcube can be found at:


When you visit the website, it will prompt you to choose an interface, the interface is the layout for your emails. Roundcube is the preferred email interface.

If you choose to access your email via an 3rd party application such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail or an mobile device, you would require the email settings in order to configure the email account. For POP accounts the email settings are the following:

User Name: Full email address
Password: Only you know this.
Server: mail.ovh.net

This would be the email settings you would use to configure the email account onto your device. The server address “mail.ovh.net” is valid for both incoming and outgoing email server.

When your configuring the email account, you may be presented with the choice of POP or IMAP accounts. Setting your account as POP would mean the emails are local to the device your on, an copy of the emails will be saved to your device. For IMAP, the emails are synced across all your devices.

POP You would need to re-read the email on every device you have. If you read the email on your mobile device, when you check your email account on your computer, the emails will still be listed as unread.
IMAP When you read the email on your mobile device, your computer will also list the email as read. Emails deleted on either device will correspond to all other synced devices.