Backups are important. Its best to keep an backup of all your data because you never know when you would need to rely on it as an desperate measure.

For the hosting packages there is a total of 6 backups which date from:

1,2,3 days ago
1,2,3 weeks ago

By utilizing these backups, you can restore your website to an previous state. The original issue can arise from an bad update, accidental deletion or compromised website.

The restoration of an backup can take up to 1 hour to complete. This can be completed within the manager. Sometimes, you may wish to keep the website on its current version and only obtain an older file which existed 1 week ago. You can recover just the single file without having to restore the whole website by accessing the FTP snapshots.

We will be using our FTP client to access the website files and to load up the backup from that particular selected time frame.

We will be using the same FTP server as this is the server which contains our website and the same password, however we will be making changes to our username.

Lets assume our FTP server is “”

Normally our username would be “john” and the password would be “john_password”

We can access the older FTP backup of the user ‘john’ by changing the username to:

“john-snap0” == Backup of 1 day ago
“john-snap1” == Backup of 2 days ago
“john-snap2” == Backup of 3 days ago

“john-snap3” == Backup of 1 week ago
“john-snap4” == Backup of 2 weeks ago
“john-snap5” == Backup of 3 weeks ago


We will look to save the file which we require to our local computer and subsequently re-login to the FTP under the normal user name of “john” so that we can upload the previous file from our backup to our current live website.