Control token

The web hosting package by default has 1 website installed on to its environment, you can add other domain names into this environment one of the things which we need to do is to add the ovhcontrol token to the domain names DNS.

E.g. Our main website is, by default the website is on the hosting package and pre-configured already. To add our additional website such as we would need to add the ovhcontrol token to the DNS zone of

For our token we need to add a TXT record as a sub-domain called ovhcontrol, this will provide us with the following value: to the value of yB0UtdCbgr1FyPJ41hexfg

The value of the token would vary as its unique to your hosting package. Within your account you will find your very own token.

We can verify the token with the following command:

dig -t txt +short