Domain management is important, it allows you to create the website address which everyone else will see. Ultimately we would need a domain name in the first place. In this case we will use “ is a domain in itself. This can be purchased from online providers known as registrar, the person registering the domain name is the registrant , the domain name would be managed by the registry.

In our case the domain name is, the domain name is managed by Nominet. Nominet is the registry.

There are many registrar available online. I have chosen my registrar as OVH, you can choose any of your choice, some registry has optional benefits others may not.

The registrant is the person who is buying the domain name. In this case it would be the person who owns the domain name.

For .uk domains, you would need the original or similar equivalent to obtain the .uk variant. Anyone who currently holds the existing domain name will have their .uk version reserved for themselves for 5 years from summer 2014.

You can register any .uk domain however the must not be registered already.

.ovh by using this link, you can query the WHOIS database for an .ovh domain name