Hosting CDN

The shared hosting package also includes an CDN associated with the hosting package, it enables the content to be delivered closer to the person who is making the request. The main benefits of this is that the content is loaded faster and at the same time to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

The CDN is activated in a number of ways. By default it is defined by the IP address of the hosting package. Depending on your cluster and the hosting package which you have chosen, you IP will be different. Here is an list of all IP:

This is an image, so its not possible to copy and paste the IP.


An alternative method is to disable it from the GeoCache Accelerator from FTP. In this instance, we would make changes to the file of: .ovhconfig


In the lines beginning with “environment” replace “production” with “development”. with “development” the CDN wouldn’t be active. To renable the GeoCache, simply replace “development” with “production” again. This will enable the CDN.

For more information on the CDN, please visit the CDN page at: