Multi-Domain implementation

Your hosting package currently host one of your domain “”, we also have another domain “” which we would also like to host. Within the manager, you can only use the one click module installer for your main domain. As we is adding “” this is not the main domain.

For us to host our website on the same hosting package as “”, we would first need to assign the web space for the domain “”. This is done via the FTP client, you would first login to your FTP space and create the following folder structure:

Domain Path /www/ /www/

The reason why we do this is to separate the main domain “” from “” this is to avoid confusion. For each separate domain you add to the multi-domain, you would create an folder to manage the web space.

Once you have made the folder, you would navigate to the location of /www/ from here you will upload the files for this website. You would download your preferred content management system (CMS) files from their respective website. Now you will drag and drop the files into the FTP location we made at /www/ The upload will take some time depending on your internet speed.

Please be aware that when you upload content into the FTP webspace, you would need to upload everything, this would include folders and files. In addition to this, ensure the folder and files you upload doesn’t create an sub directory. For WordPress, your upload structure would be:


If you upload the files as "/www/", your website will end up as: "". 
Typing "" will not work.