The multi-domain feature allows you to host multiple websites on the same package. Normally one website has one hosting package. If you may have more than one web site and what this means is that you would need to purchase another hosting package separately. If you have many domains, this wouldn’t be cost effective. Through the multi-domain you can have one hosting package for all your websites.

If i have an website called “”, I would purchase an hosting package for my main website. If I have another website called “” instead of purchasing another hosting package I would make use of my existing hosting package.

This means my main website, will show the content for “”. My other website “” will use the same hosting package but it will show different content. This means the two websites will make use of the same hosting package but showing their own separate website content.


This picture shows how you can have two domains on the same hosting package, each website will show the content relevant to its own content. You can have as many multi-domains on the hosting package up to the storage capacity.

Only my main domain “” will have the ability to create email addresses such as:, and My other domain “” doesn’t have the ability to create any additional email addresses.