Spam filter

All shared hosting packages comes with email addresses. It allows you to define your own email addresses for the domain which you have registered. By default an email address called postmaster is automatically configured.

Over time your website may have a contact form or you may list your email address in certain mailing list. Unfortunately this is also an invite for spammers to obtain your email address and you may start to receive large volumes of spam emails. The email platform has anti-spam features where by it helps to reduce the spam in the inbox. The system flags the email as [SPAM], so that your aware that the system believes the email is from a spam nature.

Whilst the email has been tagged as [SPAM] in the subject title, the email would remain in the inbox. The email isn’t actually deleted, this is to prevent accidental deletion of spam which maybe an false positive.

We can look to make use of the email subject tile with the [SPAM] tag to filter the emails away from the inbox. As we have the postmaster email account we can look to forward all emails with the SPAM in the subject title to this mail box. In the event where by we believe an email has been tagged as spam by accident we can visit our postmaster mail box to retrieve the email.


Here we can see the rule where by if the email comes into the inbox and the anti-spam system detects it as spam the email will be redirected to our postmaster account. In the event where by we are happy to delete the email without the fear of false positive, the system can just delete the email automatically upon the email being tagged as spam.