Account advice

There are some best practises in which you should follow for your account.

1) Create the account with correct details. Submitting false information will cause issues later on.

2) For the address its advisable to follow the correct format as if your composing a letter with the postcode in capitals. E.g. AB1 1AB

3) For the primary email address it should be an email address which you can be reached on easily as sometimes important emails are being sent to you on this address. You can use an alias if you wish. 

4) The primary email account shouldn't be linked to the same server in which you have the services under. E.g. An email has been sent to the primary email account about an email issue however its the same email account which we have tried to inform you about. 

5) The backup email should be a completely different email address and preferably on a different domain.

6) Check your details every so often. Typically the advice is for you to review your account details once a year. Maybe integrate this as part of your business audit so that your suppliers/vendors can contact you easily. 

7) Passwords should be kept securely for security purposes. There is also the option for 2FA (2 Factor Authentication), where by you would need both the password and a generated number which is only valid for a short period of time.