Manage contacts

Change Contacts

As the creator of the service you will be assigned as the administrative, technical and billing contact for the service. This means that for all aspects of the service you will be responsible for it. Its possible that whilst your the creator of the service or you maybe paying for the services you may wish to delegate the contacts to other people/departments.

In this type of situation you would look to keep yourself as the administrator of the service but assigning a new technical person to manage the services and a billing person to keep up with the payments of the service moving forward.

Each of the new contacts will need to create a new account of their own. Once you have created your account, you can look to re-assign the contacts in your manager.

Manager >> My account (top right) >> Manage contacts (left side)

You would login as the current administrative, technical and billing contact. By default you will be assigned as all 3 contacts. You would select the service and supply the new contact for the role defined for the new contact. 

For legal and billing reasons the new administrative and billing contact change account needs to originate from the same country. However the technical contact can be from another country. 

The service would of been originally created in a country where by the terms and conditions differ from country to country. In a legal aspect the administrator who manages the service needs to agree to the terms and conditions and this means that the services are legally bound. All contact changes for administrator and billing must reside within the same country as the current administrator and billing contact.

The technical contact can be from any location as they only need to manage the services and its a role delegated by the administrator of the service.

The change of contacts is done over 2 steps. First the current administrator will delegate the role of technical/billing to the new account. The administrator needs to activate this and to verify this via a one time code sent to the email account.

Subsequently the gaining account will receive an email notifying that someone wishes to assign them a new responsibility. The gaining account would need to agree to this as well via another one time code sent to the email address.

Upon both parties agreeing the contacts for the service will be adjusted in the system within the next few minutes.