BitLocker is an Windows encryption application which will allow you to encrypt the drive of the server. Depending on the size of the drive the initial encryption will take some time. Afterwards you can put data into the drive and lock the drive itself.

To unlock the drive you simply enter your password, in the event where by you have forgotten your password then the alternative is to make use of your recovery key. This is a key which you would have made in the beginning when you initiated the encryption of the drive itself.

BitLocker Drive Encryption recovery key

To verify that this is the correct recovery key, compare the start of the following identifier with the identifier value displayed on your PC.



If the above identifier matches the one displayed by your PC, then use the following key to unlock your drive.

Recovery Key:


If the above identifier doesn't match the one displayed by your PC, then this isn't the right key to unlock your drive.
Try another recovery key, or refer to for additional assistance.

To re-lock the drive there is actually no way to do it directly via the graphical user interface. For the drive locking it would be done with command prompt which we will be running as the administrator.

manage-bde -lock c:

The C: would the drive which we wish to re-enable the encryption on.