cPanel is an web based control panel which helps you to maintain multiple websites from one interface. Many people like the simplicity of the cPanel environment and the ability to use it for re-selling purposes. It allows you to isolate each website to its very own login interface with customizations available too.

If you wish to manually install cPanel rather than to use the default templates, you can find out more at:

You get a cPanel trial license with the following link at:

To try cPanel itself, you can do this at:

If you do have your own server with cpanel, there is 2 important things you need, the WHM port and the cPanel port.
To access WHM you would use:


To access cPanel you would use:


You can find more information on the cPanel ports at: How to Access cPanel & WHM Services

If you have recently obtained an cPanel license and it currently still list as trial, please allow up to 24 hours for the license to be verified with cPanel themselves. If in doubt, you can check at: Verify Cpanel License.

Here is a list of the default cPanel ports: