KVM Java

For all OVH servers, they come with KVM included. The KVM is a very useful tool as it allows you to obtain a Keyboard, Video and Mouse access to the server when the server isn’t reachable. If you was to accidentally lock yourself out of the server due to a mis-configuration, you wouldn’t have any method to see what the issue is on screen. Through the use of the KVM you can see the boot screen so that you can still connect to the server even if the public network isn’t active.

The KVM is activated within the control panel under the IMPI section. Within this area there is an Java icon, it will allow you to generate an small file which will in turn activate Java. The KVM is based on the Java application itself, you would need to install Java to your local computer for this to work.

Once you have installed Java and your running the applet, you will be able to control the server as if your in front of it. You will get the following screen if you was to boot the server for the first time.


As we can see, we get the full boot screen from the server and we have a virtual keyboard if we wish to enter any special commands or combination keys such as CTRL + ALT + DEL.


Here we have activated the BIOS of the server where by we can look to change the boot order of the server and make custom configurations on the server itself if we needed to. Naturally if we was to let the server boot normally, it will enter the OS and allow us to login as if we is in front of it, even if a public connection doesn’t reach the server.