Mellanox switch upgrade

First you need to find your current version with:
sh ver

Delete sys dump files:
file debug-dump delete all

The switches appear to only hold 2 active images at any given time before its full. You can delete the images with:
image delete image-PPC_M460EX-3.5.1006.img

To get hold of the new image, you can do the following command:
If you don’t want to expose the root password, you an skips it from the command and the command line will promopt you for it. This is the root password to the server which has the image itself.
image fetch scp://root:password@server/path-to-image/image

Once the image is loaded to the switch itself, the switch needs to install the image with the commands of:
image install image

The switch has 2 active boot partitions, you need to switch from one to another:
image boot next

If in doubt on which his the boot, you can show boot with:
show boot

We can now restart the switch with:

To idenfity switch:
led MGMT uid on