Plesk Configuration

Plesk is an web control panel which allows you to manage your website on an server via an graphical user interface. The same can be done manually where by everything is managed via the command line, however some people don’t feel too comfortable dealing with command line, in essence, the plesk control panel does everything you need as if your doing it from the command line but with icons and images.

By default the access to plesk is on the port 8443. This can be accessed by specifying the IP. We will be accessing the plesk via HTTPS as this provides encryption when we is entering our password.

Once we is on the plesk control panel on port 8443, we will enter our username and password. This will allow us to gain access to the configuration. One of the first things we will look to do is to add our website into the plesk control panel so that plesk knows to expect our domain name. This can be done at:


Once we have added our domain name, we will be able to see our domain in the list of web space. With in the web space we will have a number of advance options for our domain which will be hosted on the server but managed by plesk.


At this moment in time, our website will show the default plesk holding page. For our website to show some real content, we will need to build our website, in this case we have decided to build our website on content management system (CMS) called wordpress. Plesk can enable us to install this by clicking “Install Apps“.

Within the “Install Apps“, we will select custom installation. The reason for this is because plesk will look to install wordpress at, this means that this website will become:, for us we would want


Once you have completed the installation, your website will now show the wordpress template installed with basic website content, at this stage you would login to wordpress to build your website.

IP Addresses

Initially your server may only have 1 IP and this IP would perform a number of functions, it would be used for the website, the DNS and for mail. As time progresses, you may obtain additional IP. this can be added to plesk at:

Server >> Tools & Settings >> Tools & Resources >> IP Addresses


If our IP is we will submit this to plesk as:, we will also be selecting this IP as dedicated as this IP would only be used by us.

Mail MX Records

By default plesk, will set the mail to be on MX priority 10 to If your using your own name servers or 3rd party name servers, you would need to add this record.

The mail interface would be roundcube or horde. The mail link will be