Proxmox is an operating system which allows you to build virtual private servers (VPS) by splitting a single powerful server into smaller containers. Normally if you have a single server and you use it for some small task then you wouldn’t be taking advantage of the server’s capabilities. In such instances we will be looking to isolate the server into containers where by each container will If have its own operating system on the server.

By doing this, we can have 2 smaller servers (VPS) each taking half of the resources of the whole server but these 2 servers can work independently of each other. One of the VPS containers can be running Windows as the operating system and the second container can be running with Ubuntu.

Due to the advantages of isolating the containers and for each container to operate on its own, many people have decided to purchase an single powerful server and split the resources to different departments in the organisation, where by 10 VPS containers will be used for the billing department, 4 VPS containers will be assigned to the web team and 6 VPS containers for the development team.

This has also lead to the use of VPS resellers where providers will purchase an single powerful server and they would manually create the containers for the services they need.