RDP is known as remote desktop protocol, it enables you to access a server as though your sitting in front of it even though your physically away from it. RDP is a protocol which is commonly used by windows servers. All windows comes with RDC (Remote Desktop Connector) and it is used in conjunction with RDP on a server side.

By default windows allows 2 simultaneous connections on one windows server. Lets say we have a server and the user is “Administrator”, this means 2 connections can be made to the server as the user Administrator. It’s not possible to cheat the OS by creating a new user called “Admin” and having another 2 connections.

In the event that 2 connections are made already, the 3rd connection will be informed that 2 active connections are present, and it will have the option of logging out one of the two current users or to close its own connection and await until one becomes available.

There are scenarios where by you would need more than the default 2 simultaneous connections. This can be achieved via the Windows CAL(Client Access License), it would enable multiple users to access the server via the configuration of the RDP role. We was able create 5 active connections to the windows server, unfortunately we ran out devices to test anymore connections beyond the 5.