To find the queued jobs
squeue -u username
To show job details
scontrol show jobid 12345
To show partitions
Submit job
sbatch --partition=sb --time=10-00:00:00 --chdir=/home/centos/stuff --output=output.txt --gres=gpu:1 --error=error.txt -w sb010

The must also specify the path of the job otherwise it won't find the conent due to the new directory.
Update job time
scontrol update jobid 3 TimeLimit=10-00:00:00
sinfo and snodes - Node States

    idle- all cores are available on the compute node
        no jobs are running on the compute node
    mix - at least one core is available on the compute node
        compute node has one or more jobs running on it
    alloc - all cores on the compute node are assigned to jobs
squeue - Job States

    R - Job is running on compute nodes
    PD - Job is waiting on compute nodes
    CG - Job is completing
scontrol show node

This will show the nodes details such as CPU / RAM.