Time zone

From time to time, we have to write emails and when we start scheduling meetings we need to send out invites. For most of us, we work under the same time zone.

For others, working out time zone is a pain, or we have done it so many times it has burned into our memory. There is a sub set of people like me who can’t remember anything. I always have to re-calculate the time zone. Here is a simple command.

Say the sentences as it is:

The time is 2PM in London under British Summer time, what time is it in America in New York?

TZ=America/New_York date -d “02PM BST”


If I have a meeting with colleagues in New York at 9AM (09:00) , what time in London under BST do I need to be ready for?

date –date=’TZ=”America/New_York” 09:00′