Windows RTM

You can monitor windows servers via the RTM (Real Time monitoring). It will return the server usage and also the drive usage on C:\. To install the windows RTM we will first need to install ActivePerl. This will allow us to run our RTM script to return the data to the RTM server. Afterwards we would run the script to pass the information to the server.

Installing ActivePerl

Once ActivePerl has been installed, we will look to download and run the RTM script.

The script can be found at:

Depending on your browser, you should be able to download it and run the script as the administrator. If your not able to run the script or your browser interprets it as an HTML webpage, you can copy the page and paste it into notepad. Within notepad save the file as “rtm.cmd”. This will allow you run the script.

For Linux RTM you can also return the same for the real time monitoring.