Windows Server Backup

Windows has backup facility included with its OS, the software is called “Windows Server backup”, it will allow you to backup all your windows files from your server’s current HDD to another HDD. Typically this is done on the same server where by you have 2 physical hard drives.

Under certain circumstances you may wish to use the 2nd hard drive for RAID 1 configuration rather than having it as an backup drive. You would look to have the backup at the 500 GB storage space instead. This way you have data redundancy and backup in place for your windows server.


To make use of the windows server backup program, we would first need to access the windows server manager to install the required roles for the “windows server backup” feature to work.

If we search for the keyword of “server”, we will see the option of “Windows server backup” and “Server manager”. If we click on “Server Manager” we will be able to add the following roles to the server.


This role is required for the windows backup feature to be activated on the server itself. Once the role has been installed, we can now click on the windows server backup application and we will be presented with the following screen:


Naturally by default there isn’t any active backups. We would need to create the backup task for the server. When we are specifying the backup from the 500GB we will be using this as as an Remote shared folder. This is because the storage is actually from the network rather than local storage as our server is in RAID 1.

For the location of the 500GB space, we will be using the following syntax:


This syntax is: \\FTP Location\Server address


Now our backup will be in progress. The backup will work automatically until it completes. Once it completes, you will see the following information: