Rescue mode 2016

Both the VPS SSD and the VPS cloud have rescue modes. The rescue mode is an linux boot environment which sets the VPS drive to be an external drive and the OS is loaded up from the network. By using this rescue mode, you can perform a number of functions such as:

  • Checking/deactivating firewalls
  • Performing backups
  • Resetting passwords
  • Updating network configuration
  • Troubleshooting issues

When you set the server into rescue mode, the server will reboot to this environment, it will take a few minutes for this mode to activate. We will be assigned a temporary password for the rescue mode. As mentioned we would be booting into a linux based environment from the network, to access the disk which is set as an external drive, we would need to mount the disk. We can use the following command to chroot the disk:

chroot /mnt/vdb1

Once we do this, we will be inside the VPS disk but via the rescue mode. When we have finished with the rescue mode, we can reboot the server back to hard drive (HD) mode and use the VPS as normal.